Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ever since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, and the ensuing nightmare it has caused to our planet, sea and land animals, and those who have lost their lives and/or livelihood, I have not been able to pull myself out of a seemingly never ending funk. The reasons this situation has thrown me into this severely depressed state are many. Words alone cannot express the sadness in my heart for the people and animals that have died due to the negligence and greed of BRITISH PATROLEUM. Words alone cannot express the anger and hatred I feel for BP at how it has been so completely apathetic and smug in its so-called efforts to right this situation.

People, this coroporation DESTROYED, for the rest of our lifetime, OUR Gulf Coast! We should be screaming at the top of our lungs every day until BP pays for what it has done in a court of law. This situation is an atrocity, especially given that it could have been prevented had BP simply halted production to replace a worn part. The fact of the matter is that BP carried on with business as usual, more than willing to risk human lives and our environment for the all mighty dollar, or should I say "pound." It will not be enough for BP to clean up its mess. There really is no way to literally clean up the ocean, and anyone who believes it can be done is a fool. The only cure for the gulf will be time and lots of it. Fifty years from now, perhaps there will be no signs of this horrific event, but believe me, we will not see the gulf as it was prior to April 20, 2010 during our lifetime.

It is time for the United States government to stop pussy-footing around and to make British Patroleum PAY for its negligence, starting NOW with restitution and prison time, or perhaps the death penatly for those who were responsible for the negligence. Yes, I said the death penalty. Let the punishment fit the crime. Our government cannot/should not wait for the leak to be capped and clean up to occur before taking action against BP. The time for action is now, because it will take years for our almost dead Gulf of Mexico to replenish itself and regain health. Meanwhile, it's time for BP to pay the piper.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

December's Disclaimer

For as long as I can remember I have loved writing. As writer of poetry, prose, lyrics, and an avid journaler, it was always a dream of mine to have my writing published. Naturally, I would like to be paid to do what I love to do, but that's not the reason I write. I write for expression and to share a part of myself, my thoughts, my ideals, and to also receive input from others regarding my feelings/issues/ or the topic at hand. Prior to the advent of the Internet, and before computers in the home became common place, I expressed myself mostly through hand-written journals. While journaling allowed me to get things off of my chest and out of my system, it still left me unfulfilled a bit, due to the fact that I couldn't really share my journal with others. Who wants to sit around listening to someone read their hand-written journal? Reading someone else's journal is only entertaining if done without permission. (Come on admit it, you know that is true!) I have accomplished my dream of being a published writer on a small scale. A few of my articles have been published, but I did not receieve monetary compensation for them. My published articles appeared in a local arts and entertainment publication, The City Review, which is no longer in circulation. I wrote the articles gladly, knowing I would not be paid, because I wanted people to read my work. It's that simple.

Five years ago I joined MySpace. I fell in love with MySpace instantly, because I had finally found an outlet in which to publish my thoughts to share with my friends and even strangers who may be interested. I developed quite a little following, I must say. I enjoyed about a three year run of posting blogs in which I expressed myself all out, no holds barred, and raw. I wrote all kinds of blogs, political, poetry, personal, informative, you name it. At first, only my friends were on my MySpace page; but soon, people from work began friending me. It's hard to turn people down for a friend request. I'm the type of person who does not like hurting other's feelings if it can be helped. But I did not want people from my job on my MySpace page!!! That is, except for one friend, who I knew was loyal and would never friend me for alterior motives. Other than this ONE friend from work, I simply did not want anyone from my job reading my blogs. Well, it didn't take long for my MySpace page to become inundated with people from work. I felt stifled with regards to writing blogs. I altogether stopped writing blogs on MySpace due to all the people from work on my friends list.

Later in time, I joined Facebook. Facebook was even worse than MySpace regarding people from work. I could enjoy Facebook, if not for the work people on it. Like my MySpace page, my Facebook page has been bombarded with people from work. Not only are there a lot of people from work on my Facebook friends list, but my MOM is on it too. She can't for her life understand how SMOTHERING it feels having her hovering around reading everything I post. She doesn't get it at all, like people from work don't get it either. I feel like telling them, "If you do not hang out with me OUTSIDE of work, then DO NOT friend me!" I have found out the hard way that co-workers are best left as just that, co-workers ONLY!

The reason I do not want co-workers reading my blogs, or anything else for that matter, is because they do so most of the time with negative intent. Some of them literally spend time on Facebook trying to find something to use to get other people in trouble on the job. Don't ask me why they do this, or what they hope to achieve by it, but it sickens me. As a writer and a person who believes with all her heart in the First Amendment of our Constitution where we were given the right to free speech, I find people who violate that right appalling. I refuse to allow a job to prevent me from exercising my right to free speech.

The following disclaimer has been written for those who have "stumbled" upon my blogspot, (namely co-workers) not for those whom I have invited to it.

DISCLAIMER---This is MY blogspot---MINE, in which I will write what I choose. You have a choice to follow my blog, Forever December, or NOT. If you find my thoughts, opinions, or feelings offensive, then you have the right to leave my blogspot and to choose not to read my blogs. I have the right to free speech, which I will go to my grave defending, amongst other things which I strongly believe in and uphold. This is my blogspot and my chosen outlet for self-expression, and I will not be threatened and/or bullied from utilizing it.

And to my friends, my loyal friends who will be following me, a HUGE hug and welcome from me. I do apologize that this first post had to get off to such a start, but this disclaimer was necessary. I'm sure you understand.

Peace and Love,